Wooden skyscrapers could be the future for cities | The Economist

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32 thoughts on “Wooden skyscrapers could be the future for cities | The Economist”

  1. Yes and then you will start a new deforestation…
    Cutting 1 tree need less than an hour, but planting one need more than 10 years..
    While some places trying forestation their desert, why you igniting deforestation in other part of world..

  2. There is a coating they can put on concrete to reflect IR and UV… only an idiot would think this is a good idea. Wood is also less strong, bends and warps, burns, subject to infestation like termites… so many issues. New types of Concrete have no carbon footprint through additives and will last thousands of years.

  3. Not centered on any description, resistance to fire an pressure? in kg or J and °C please
    3:00 sorry your demonstration is not convincing anyone. I can't believe it but Mythbusters can do a better job
    Steel get soften, sure, at what rate?, steel dissipates heat and remain intact, wood can not, under which circumstances the weakness of a material become critical. Or are we talking about undestructible materials?
    It is an offense to anyone who dares to think 1 second, for example, the localized fire from the video demonstration is a clean an high temperature, not the spread, smokey and low temperature fire that we all see on a real fire.

  4. It's a nice idea, but did you think how many trees would have to be cut, if even for one building you need two thousand trees? Besides, after cutting the trees down you would have to grow new, and do you know how terribly bad man-planted forest look like?

  5. Fucker then Forest will be built will be built by dead architect ass hole idiot it's better to kill humans and keep the rise of population under control

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