World Top 10 Beautiful Underwater Hotels

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20 thoughts on “World Top 10 Beautiful Underwater Hotels”

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  2. I don't know what that picture is, that you have for 4. Jules Undersea Lodge but that isn't it. And number 6 is the Hilton Maldives. Why put something on here if it is not true? And yeah, what's with the Christmas song?

  3. whatever a human mind can visualise, or believe , it can create, it can create marvels which everyone longs for ! Marvellous are the creations but more than that , the marvel is …..A Human Mind its imagination creativity and design !

  4. why do we build such places ?! only for the very elet , many people in this country and world are hungry and homeless . Politicians and the wealthy. AND YOU PAY FOR IT. aren't we smart though .! One world government that have been there for many generations. They knew where they were going. YA ,, AND THEY DO NOTHING EXCEPT FOR THEM SELVES ..WHY DO YOU THINK THE TAX DOLLARS WE PAY DON'T WORK. DID YOU EVEN THINK OF THE PRICE THAT WE PAY FOR THESE PEOPLE.

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