Yesterworld: 5 Unfinished & Abandoned Disney World Attractions and Projects

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24 thoughts on “Yesterworld: 5 Unfinished & Abandoned Disney World Attractions and Projects”

  1. I'm german and amused that the pavilion is more Bavaria than Germany.
    But makes sense if you look at it from a history perspective since the Americans where stationed in Bavaria all they've seen was Bavaria and thought this must be typical german.
    This isn't true, it would be as if someone reduced the U.S to only Texas or New York or [insert state]. You get what I mean. 😉
    I would be lying if I'd say this didn't bother me some time ago but now it is just something amusing.

  2. I've got news for you, there was no slow down of tourism post 9/11. That was spinn that Eisner used to justify cutbacks to the theme parks, back when he had eyes on other investments.

  3. It sucks we never got a Roger Rabbit themed land, it would have been awesome especially since the opening would have been during the height of its popularity – hell it may have even pushed a tv show or sequel to the film to have happened. Now it seems my favorite cartoon rabbit is lost to obscurity and the past.

  4. The best they could do with the proposed Copperfield restaurant location was putting a Sbarro's there? We wonder why people who grew up here wanna leave these days!

  5. I'm sorry Who Framed Roger Rabbit was released when, 1980? You should maybe check that! In 1980 most of the technology to produce that film probably did not even exist.

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