Your new love experiences….what’s coming..engagement…travel..pick a card

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30 thoughts on “Your new love experiences….what’s coming..engagement…travel..pick a card”

  1. #3 – Turquoise He is very calming and soothing. He does call me beautiful girl. We have been there for each other. We do have a rich and passionate connection thank you so much. 💖xx

  2. #1 I really felt this.. truly made me emotional… this is the beautiful love I've been feeling coming towards me. Confirmation… Present each moment living and enjoying life, while consciously & intuitively aware of my love coming in..

  3. Another wonderful reading! (I picked 1)

    Since you are doing a lots of love related readings, would it be possible for you to do a reading guessing your soulmate's gender? That would help lots of confused bisexual souls like me xD

    Either way, thank you Melanie for your hard work💖

  4. I chose number one and just with the excerpt from the beginning alone was perfectly described how I live my life when I am most at peace. And being a Libra the rest makes so much sense as well in terms of balance Etc! I don't know, I haven't met him yet so he sounds too good to be true!😂Thank you so much for the reading as always and blessed be! Hope the family gets better soon! Sending healing Vibes their way. PS you remind me of a Niffler When you mentioned the mannequins and your crystals😂( it's a Fantastic Beast reference pre Harry Potter timeline post movies) he likes to steal shiny things but always gets caught by Newt and scolded it.

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