Zack Martin, Michael Gallup, Blake Jarwin On OTAs | Dallas Cowboys 2019

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16 thoughts on “Zack Martin, Michael Gallup, Blake Jarwin On OTAs | Dallas Cowboys 2019”

  1. I love the blend of our youth
    Theyare thevtight type of guys mentally
    They have the physical attributes
    They're very moldable

    Our offensive players comments are extremely telling of young Kellen Moore's tweaking & tinkering w/the schemes enough to appear more "newer" than they are

    However, w/all that said
    In all actuality, it will be a new offense
    New formations
    New executions from old formations
    Wrinkles, weeks, tinkers, etc =''s A new offense ๐Ÿ˜„

    I'm salivating TC, regular practice highlights, & preseason etc

    This is our year people

  2. I didnโ€™t think Rico Gathers was still on the roster but I donโ€™t see why they canโ€™t use him better especially in the red zone. I know it was said that his blocking wasnโ€™t good a couple years ago but I thought he had improved in that area.

  3. A sensible, way too early Offensive Depth Chart for 2019….

    25 on Offense:

    2 Quarterbacks:
    Dak, White
    Rush (ps)

    4 Runningbacks:
    Zek, Weber, Pollack(wr), Olawale(fb)
    Jackson or FA (ps)

    7 – 6 Wide Outs:
    Cooper, Gallup, Cobb, Austin, Johnson, Wilson, (Brown) or (Smith)
    Brown or Guyton (ps)

    3-4 Tightends:
    Witten, Jarwin, Shultz, (Rico)
    McElroy (ps)

    9 -8 O-Line:
    Smith / Flemming (st)
    Williams / McGovern (g/c)
    Freddrick / (Looney) (c/g)
    Collins / Williams (t/g)
    Mitch Hyatt (st)
    Brandon Knight (ps)

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