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  1. Our ppl are beautiful Especially the children😍All is this melanin.. Even though I'm in the States..I'm claiming them as family!!👑✨This made my heart smile thanks Neiicey for sharing these moments with us!!💜

  2. derrica is brave as hell…cus anytime u gotta tell somebody'i want to keep the skin there' it is not a minor situation. she is hella hot too..i would be sweating too!!!

  3. This vlog was so cool, from the kids to the cave to the massai. The massai actually remind me of black greeks when they chant & stroll. Zanzibar has such a rich culture & it was so nice to see it through your lens! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  4. Beautiful video. I’m a Zimbabwean and I enjoyed watching your video. Your video is an an eye opener for me as an African that has never ventured to Zanzibar. This has made me realize how privileged I am as a Zimbabwean. The Southern Africa region is so different to East Africa. I’d love to visit Zanzibar one day and experience what you experienced.

  5. These are literally the most informative travel vlogs ever! I love it! Thank you for sharing! & the kids were sooooo cute!! They were like “Say hi to your family”. 😩😍

  6. We should be very grateful for the life we live because is not everyone have the previlige of living like us….. Whenever I see those stuff it melts my heart…. Kids are the future love them……. Btw love the vlog….. That man is cozy on your shoulder thou lol

  7. Now these are REAL travel vlogs and not just the “look at me I’m going to another continent” and they only go to the “Instagram worthy” places and only show them lounging on the beach or in the hotel or the American food they ordered .. you actually take your viewers on your amazing journey and we feel like we are there with you and we get to experience /learn from all these cultures! Something a lot of us will never be able to do on our own. So thank you for being brave and actually EXPERIENCING the places you go and taking us with you!!

  8. I loved this whole vlog!!! So informative. I had the same feeling walking through an authentic slave house in my city. It's like a punch to the stomach just knowing the history behind it and getting a small glimpse of what it was like years ago. I had to say a prayer before leaving! It was honestly overwhelming 😔.

  9. I felt the warmth of the people allllll the way through. This has definitely been my favourite of your trips thus far. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of yall experience. Much love!

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